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First of all, we are grateful to the industry colleagues who pay attention to Shandong Zhixiang Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., especially to the numerous partners and end users who give us a lot of support and encouragement.


After years of innovation and sustainable development, Shandong Zhixiang Electronic Technology Co., Ltd has made considerable progress in the Queue Management System、Advertising Machine, Touch Inquiry System ,Large LED Display Screen, Touch System, Intelligent Monitoring System and other fields.


Shandong Zhixiang Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. concerns about customer needs and industry trends, provides customized services, and creates first-class front-end intelligent products with the principles of high quality and reliability priority.


Shandong Zhixiang Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is located in the largest high-tech product distribution center of Shandong Province. The strong scientific and cultural atmosphere there provides a good external environment for the company's development. Our company has a high-quality professional technical team and rich technical force to develop integrated system hardware,software and corollary equipments. We can provide comprehensive, perfect and personalized solutions according to customers needs.The powerful sales and service team combined with various professionals and the complete talent team supported by software development and technical synthesis can provide customers with high quality and all-round services.In recent years, our company involves in real estate, railways, electricity, education, military, financial and other industries and has made a great contribution in promoting new products and technologies to the whole society.


Our company always pursues the service concept of "Customer first, integrity-based" ."Honesty is the law of heaven and achieving honesty is the cultivation of life path".Honesty not only determines the social identity and status of the market entity, but also a kind of intangible assets that can be appreciated.Zhixiang has the attitude of "coming from customers and going to customers" in service, and never change the honesty to each customer.


Our company is customer-centered, market-oriented. We treat each project seriously with professional talent, knowledge, experience and procedures, and ensure that customers could enjoy cost efficient service.At the same time, we will properly deal with the relationship with customers and partners to achieve the goals of common development and common benefit.To ensure that each customer is in safety and could feel ease to enjoy our products, we will try our best to service each customer.


We will also try our best to meet the consumer demands with sincere and fast service.We will constantly absorb the user’s feedback opinion and constantly improve the management, and spare no effort to service the whole society.


Zhixiang people with professional integrity and unremitting self-improvement will work hard to satisfy each customer and make Shandong Zhixiang Electronic Technology Co., Ltd become a respected professional company.


 133 0541 6122




地址: 濟南市高新區正豐路554號環??萍紙@B中3015



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